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Open Submissions

WPC Press

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Title: Move Heaven, Raise Hell

Theme & Guidelines: This call requires a dual submission. One story must revolve around heaven, one must revolve around hell. Both must be accepted to be included in the anthology. We will only make exceptions for re-submissions if one story is unanimously accepted by the judges for submission, while the other is not.

Word Count and Story Max: Minimum word count: 500 words; Maximum word count: 3,000 words. Authors are limited to one submission of two stories. They do not have to be the same length. 

Submission Deadline: Midnight EST on June 1, 2021

Eligibility: Only members of Writing, Prompts & Critiques are eligible.

Author Compensation: A free digital copy of the book and discounted paperback copies.

Rights: Revert back to the author after one year.

Formatting:For this call, submit both of your stories together, in one single email. Include both story titles in the subject of your email. Refer to Submission Guidelines for further formatting details. 

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